About us

Hey there! We are Mad Dungeon
a small but passionate indie video game studio.

We are 2 guys, Moritz and Malte. Essentially, we both love to play coop games with friends on Friday evenings over good old LAN. This motivates us to create interesting games we would actually like to play ourselves.

Moritz is an experienced indie video game developer who loves to create games and who takes care of programming, level design and overall game design. Malte is a true veteran of pen & paper role playing games and all dedicated to fantasy background stories. He takes care of most things related to storywriting and lore design. Currently, we do our game development activities next to full-time jobs during our free time. In addition, from time to time, we occupy freelancing 3d artists to create some additional content.

Our current project is Dwarven Monster Slayers.

If you like it please spread the word – we are thankful for any support.

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